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Commercial Prefabricated Metal Buildings

MODNframe is a leading provider of commercial steel framing and has helped hundreds of clients construct commercial prefabricated metal buildings nationwide.

We will efficiently manufacture commercial steel framing to your exact specifications and deliver it to your site on time. Enquire today and get your next commercial project underway with MODNframe.

Top-quality precision-engineered framing for commercial projects 

MODNframe commercial prefab metal buildings use high-quality light gauge steel material to ensure superior durability, installation speed, and material efficiency. Whether you’re building a warehouse or an office structure, commercial steel framing is ideal for large construction projects. The advantages and versatility of commercial prefabricated metal buildings make them extremely popular within the New Zealand construction industry. Some of the benefits of commercial steel framing include the following: 

Prefab metal buildings are a more sustainable option

Designing with light gauge steel allows property developers, architects, engineers, and contractors to construct commercial buildings with less overall material waste. 

Due to its sustainable nature, steel is an excellent material for construction developers. More than just being infinitely recyclable, light gauge steel is manufactured to size, meaning it never has to be cut or wasted on site. 

Steel framing is incredibly strong and durable

Commercial steel framing is known for its high strength and long-term quality assurance. Commercial prefabricated metal buildings made with steel frames are resistant to rust, warping, and rot. 

Steel is a highly robust material that can withstand strong winds, earthquakes, and environmental hazards, making it an excellent choice for substantial construction projects. 

You can customise steel framing to your exact requirements

Commercial steel framing is customisable and can easily be tailored to suit your business objectives and operations. Due to its high strength and light weight, steel offers developers and architects better flexibility in design compared to old-school framing materials. 

Steel framing for commercial projects is cost-efficient

The prefabricated nature of commercial steel framing means that your business will benefit from minimised labour time and expenses. Our steel frames are manufactured to size and arrive on-site ready to install. That means less time spent on reworks, call-backs, and material waste management. 

Start your next commercial project with MODNframe

As leaders in the industry, we have constructed commercial steel framing for businesses large and small. Due to our state-of-the-art design and engineering technology, MODNframe can deliver commercial prefabricated metal buildings to meet the requirements of huge projects in record time. 

Get in touch with the team today for quality, time-efficient, cost-effective steel framing for your development.