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Residential Steel Frame Homes

As experts in residential steel framing, we manufacture light gauge steel frames and trusses using world-class engineering technology. We offer ultimate efficiency for creating steel frame homes and a quicker, safer option for residential builds throughout New Zealand. 

Get in touch with MODNframe today to get your project underway and create your dream home. 

An introduction to steel frame homes

Steel framing is rising in popularity as a quick and cost-effective solution for residential builds. 

Light gauge steel, also known as cold-formed steel, is manufactured by rolling high-strength steel sheets that offer superior durability for homes. Resistant to fire, bugs, and warping, light gauge steel is the ideal material for building quality homes in New Zealand. 

MODNframe offers a more streamlined process for framing. Every frame is manufactured to size based on the specifications of each build, meaning that products arrive on site ready to install—no cutting, welding or waste management required. 

What are the benefits of steel framing for residential homes? 

Light gauge steel offers a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective option than traditional timber framing. As a recyclable material, steel is designed to help reduce waste and provide better protection for houses. 

Residential steel framing from MODNframe is: 

  • Up to 50% faster to construct 
  • Up to 70% lighter than timber 
  • Straight and easy to erect 
  • Cut to precise specifications, reducing material wastage 
  • Resistant to bugs and fire 
  • Unaffected by wet weather or warping 
  • Impervious to moulding, rotting, or leaking 

At MODNframe, we know how precious time is, and our residential steel frame homes are far faster to assemble than timber frames. Steel trusses and roofing panels reduce labour costs because they have a straightforward assembly and will not be held up by wet weather conditions. Most importantly, light gauge steel is structurally strong, robust, and customisable to your needs. 

Why people choose MODNframe

We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to providing you with the best steel-frame homes in the market. Our highly skilled team works with you to design your desired home within budget. The MODNframe network covers the whole country, so you can access the best quality service with local support. 

We prioritise transparency, innovation, and efficiency—offering our customers a superior experience every step of the way. Whether you hire your own sub-contractors or take advantage of our end-to-end service, we ensure timely, quality delivery straight to your location. 

If you are looking for quality residential steel framing and a team dedicated to customer care, talk to us today.