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Steel Frame Garages

We produce high-quality precision-engineered steel frame garages to meet your exact requirement. MODNframe's steel structure garages are manufactured to size and easy to assemble, designed for faster construction to save you time and effort.  

We have extensive experience building and manufacturing steel structures throughout New Zealand. Whether you are looking to build a double garage or a workshop, we can help you. Get in touch to learn more. 

The advantages of steel frame garages

At MODNframe, we know how stressful building projects can be. Our steel structure garages can quickly be fabricated off-site and transported to the construction site when needed, minimising disruption to your and your neighbours' lives.  

Investing in steel structure garages with MODNframe gives you a wide range of benefits. Our steel frame garages are not only one of the most affordable options in the market, but they are also highly efficient, saving costs spent on installation time and material waste. 

Our steel structure garages are fire, pest, and rot-resistant. Steel framing also offers better lifelong value, meaning fewer repairs or replacements down the line, better sustainability, and greater peace of mind for homeowners. 

Add value to your home 

A garage is more than just a safe storage unit. A steel frame garage is an attractive addition to your home that can increase your property's overall value. 

However, not all garage structures are made with the same quality and precision—investing in a build that will stand the test of time is key. MODNframe’s steel structure garages are designed to offer durable, high-quality spaces that can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

A reliable Kiwi steel frame supplier

MODNframe’s nationwide network of light gauge steel manufacturers delivers high-quality products created right here in New Zealand. 

MODNframe is part of the Donovan Group, which has over 60 years of experience in the industry, bringing together innovation across engineering, building, and manufacturing processes. Utilising world-leading construction technology, our experts offer the best customisable steel framing solutions and services available on the market. To plan your next build or gain advice, talk to our team today.