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How to Lower Building Costs with Light Gauge Steel Framing

To stay ahead in the construction industry, builders and developers need better access to products and systems that improve their overall efficiency without compromising quality and sustainability.  

There are five key aspects of the traditional framing process that often cause unforeseen costs: 

  • Design and engineering revisions 
  • Installation time and difficulties 
  • Material delays 
  • Managing waste 
  • Poor Weather 

Steel framing is designed to optimise all of these areas, offering a more cost-efficient process for framing from start to finish. The key is designing with light gauge steel – a lightweight, 100% galvanised steel that offers superior durability for residential and light commercial structures while also helping quicken and simplify the construction process.  

For builders across New Zealand, MODNframe is the leading distributor for quality, efficient, and cost-reducing steel framing – here’s how it makes a difference. 

A streamlined system for engineering, designing and detailing

One of the major pain points when using old-school timber framing is the constant need to resolve engineering issues and make design adaptations throughout construction.  

Steel framing tackles all the design work and planning from the onset of a project, essentially eliminating major issues from cropping up down the line and causing time to be wasted on site. MODNframe framing is designed using specialised engineering design that helps simplify the planning process, and reduces back-and-forth during the building phase. 

Once the design is confirmed, MODNframe products are precision manufactured using roll-forming machines, and sent to the build site ready to install. 

Efficient, faster installation 

Light gauge steel trusses, joists and frames from MODNframe are designed for quick and simple assembly. Because the material is 70% lighter than timber, the pieces are easier to handle and manoeuvre without the use of heavy lifting equipment.  

Light gauge steel trusses also include the forming of the soffits and the eave roof panels, helping eliminate additional time and material costs for builders on-site.  

The product is designed to offer accuracy within 0.1mm, meaning that no on-site rectification, welding, or riveting is required. The process is straightforward enough that even younger or less experienced builders can efficiently and easily assemble each component.  

Whether your build is single or multi-story, steel framing offers a significantly faster construction process compared to timber. Ultimately, this helps builders reduce their labour needs and ensure cost-efficient installation. 

Predictable timeframes 

Unforeseen delays can be expensive. The best way to stay on schedule when it comes to framing is to have material you can count on, right when you expect it. 

Because light gauge steel is inorganic, it will never bend, warp or split. That means that installation will never be held up by poor weather conditions or material drying periods.  

Waiting for quotes and manufacturing is also not an issue with steel framing. Unlike timber, which requires extensive processing and chemical treatments, MODNframe products are quick to produce, and supported by manufacturers across New Zealand. Customers can usually expect quotes in just three days and manufacturing completed in around two weeks.  

Better predictability when it comes to the timing of your construction process allows builders and developers to optimise their schedule with confidence. No long waits or material delays – just consistent quality and delivery for every project. 

No waste 

An often frustrating extra cost for builders is the need to dispose of chemically-treated timber waste. Surplus material, depending on the project, can result in up to 20% of the total product, and builders often bear the responsibility of removing it. 

One key benefit of using pre-sized steel frames is that it results in zero wasted steel material.  

Not only does this save on the hassle and cost for disposal, but it also means a more environmentally-friendly process. In fact, steel is one of the most recovered materials on earth, and over 90% of commercial steel is eventually recycled. MODNframe is designed to be part of this material recovery system for the construction industry. 


Steel framing is the forward-thinking solution for residential and light commercial builders and developers. Bringing sustainability, usability, and durability together, MODNframe products are designed to make the framing construction process simpler and more cost-effective. 

Learn more about how light gauge steel framing could help you optimise your next project by getting in touch with the MODNframe team.