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Build for the Future – the Framing Solution that Lasts Longer

There are two key factors driving forward innovation for the construction industry – quality and efficiency.  

Streamlining costs is about finding products that add long-term value. When it comes to framing residential and light commercial builds, light gauge steel offers a more efficient and future-proof option.  

Timber framing has been the status quo in New Zealand for decades – but the undeniable benefits of steel framing are gaining traction as a better solution amongst builders, architects, and developers. 

Light gauge steel framing, ultimately, offers a solution that lasts longer than timber, and minimises safety and structural risks. Better lifelong value means less costs down the line, better sustainability, and peace of mind for the future.  


Resists warping and rotting 

One of the most common problems associated with timber is the potential for warping and structural damage. This happens when the moisture content in the natural wood changes at different rates, often causing unevenness. Even with chemical treatments and controlled storage and drying techniques, timber will never be immune to warping.  

Waiting for timber to dry has historically been accepted as an unavoidable part of the building process. Steel solutions, however, completely eliminate this waiting period, streamlining the cladding and lining process.  

Steel frames don’t absorb moisture – which means that they can’t rot or grow mould. The result is a highly durable product without any worry of twisting, splitting, or bending over time. 

“With so many delays associated with timber framing, it’s a no-brainer to work with steel,” says Bruce Wolfe, MODNframe Upper North Island manufacturer. “As a builder for 13 years, I can say that steel is far superior. It’s stronger, safer, easier to work with, and faster to manufacture.” 


Better safety and protection 

Steel framing provides a fire-resistant option for residential and light commercial buildings. Steel does not act as fuel, so even if a house fire does occur, a steel frame will not encourage it to spread. This means less risk of serious damage and, more importantly, a safer building for the people inside.  

Steel framing is also a healthier option for the people who come into close contact with the material. It offers a non-toxic alternative. Oftentimes, timber must be treated with dangerous chemicals, which can be a health and safety risk. The galvanised steel in MODNframe products does not use chemical toxins. 


No risk of insect damage 

Borer, beetles and other wood-eating insects are not a factor when using steel framing. This means that insecticide is unnecessary, reducing time, effort, and the associated risk.  


Protection against rust 

MODNframe products are made using galvanised steel. This includes a coating that prevents corrosive substances from reaching the steel. Zinc surrounds the material, which serves as an extremely effective barrier against outside exposure and water.  

In practice, galvanised steel works as a kind of living skin. The coating expands and seals over any cuts into the material, providing consistent and reliable long-term protection against rust.  


Backed by experience  

MODNframe has a national network of Light Gauge Steel manufacturers that provide nationwide supply and a consistently high quality product. MODNframe is part of the Donovan Group that has over 60 years of experience in the industry, and brings together engineering, building, and manufacturing experts to create innovative construction solutions and products.  

“We have established MODNframe to provide exceptional, direct service to customers through our national brand – and we’ve combined that with exceptional manufacturing supply across the country.” - Warwick Stichbury, MODNframe Commercial Manager.

Builders and architects across New Zealand are transitioning to steel framing solutions as a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective option for residential and light commercial projects.  

Explore the full benefits of MODNframe – and protect your buildings for the future.